Other Services


Minor Procedures

Skin cancer check and removal, punch biopsy of skin lesion, skin tag /warts with cryotherapy or diathermy, ingrown toe nail wedge excision, implanon insertion and removal; iron intravenous injection, PRP of knee, shoulder for pain relief, plaster application and removal.


Pre-Employment medicals

We provide medical examinations for pre employment, taxi/truck driver yearly check and issuance medical.


Travel Vaccinations including Yellow Fever

Our practice provides wide range of travel vaccinations including Hepatitis A &B, Typhoid, Chicken pox/Shingles. Malaria prevention and accredited for yellow fever vaccination.


Work cover & TAC

This practice provides work cover and TAC certificate for our patients who are under the care of work cover and TAC. TAC/Work cover are NOT covered by Medicare.

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